Happy Labor Day!

Dear Friends, Happy Labor Day Weekend! Whether or not Mother Nature goes along, our Fall level of activities gets into full swing this week. Holy Cross Regional Catholic opens its doors this Wednesday and the Faculty reports in on Tuesday. May the Lord bless both students and teachers with a faith-filled and successful academic year. The celebration for Catechetical Sunday will be at the 9 am Mass on September 15 with prayers and a special blessing for all catechists, teachers, Children’s Liturgy of the Word volunteers, RCIA volunteers, Pre-Jordan leaders, Pre-Cana couples, ChristLife and Walking With Purpose Team members, volunteers and formators in our Faith. Next Sunday, we open our a

Thank You

Dear Friends, Our Scripture readings seem a bit scattered thematically speaking this weekend. Some weekends they focus on one specific theme, other times they are more diverse. Nevertheless, the Word of God is always rich, enlightening and directive. Our Gospel acclamation is most straightforward, “I am the way, the truth and the life, says the Lord; no one comes to the Father, except through me.” These words of Jesus remind us that He is truly our Savior, the One who redeems us and sets us free. Because of Him, may we take to heart the concluding words of our second reading from the Letter to the Hebrews, “So strengthen your drooping hands and your weak knees. Make straight paths for

Run the Race

Dear Friends, Next Sunday, our parishioner Command Master Chief Mark Kochanowicz, will retire from the US Navy after thirty years of service. We warmly congratulate him on this milestone moment and profoundly thank him for his service to our country! May God bless Mark, his family and all who serve our nation in the Armed Services. Our second reading for this weekend reminds us that we have a great multitude of heroes, our brothers and sisters in heaven, who encourage us to persevere. It’s such a short reading but so encouraging I am reprinting it here. It is from Hebrews 12:1-4: “Brothers and sisters: Since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us rid ourselves of every bu

Commit to Prayer

Dear Friends, Our citizens have witnessed three mass shootings within one week. The trauma and suffering are incalculable for the victims, their families and the communities where these events took place. These overwhelming events bring not only sorrow and sadness upon us all but also a troubling wonder about where things are heading in our nation and world. I highly encourage you to read Archbishop Chaput’s column on all of this. You can access it at or the archdiocesan webpage at . Violence, lack of respect for persons and for human life from conception, a turning away from God and God’s place within civil society wells up from many differing sou

Jesus Reveals the Father

Dear Friends, While praying with a small group of folks, after listening to this weekend’s Gospel, we shared about the meaning of Jesus’ parable. His basic message is rather blunt and obvious, even if we struggle ourselves with living up to the significance of His words. But the question came up about those somewhat off-putting words at the beginning when Jesus says, “Friend, who appointed me as your judge and arbitrator?” What do we make of those words of the Lord? They give one pause for sure. Perhaps we are to understand them this way. Jesus came to reveal the Father. All that Jesus said and did, was what the Father said and did. Jesus and the Father are One. Jesus realizes that th



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