Welcome to the Blog of Monsignor Michael T. McCulken, our Pastor. 
These posts are mainly comprised of weekly bulletin messages from Monsignor. 
God Bless You!

Rosary Reflection

Dear Friends, We find ourselves at the end of September this weekend, having gone through what must be one of the most “water-logged” Septembers in memory. If this keeps up, we might have to be cutting lawns in December… The month of October is dedicated, of course, to our Lady of the Rosary whose feast is celebrated October 7, a Sunday this year. Throughout this month, and hopefully throughout the entire year, we take the time to recite the rosary daily either privately or with others. The rosary is a strong and powerful devotion invoking the assistance of our spiritual Mother so that we may remain rooted in Jesus Christ and be His passionate disciples. The rosary involves us in both voca

Journey Through Galilee

Dear Friends, This Sunday is the feast day of Saint Pius of Pietrelcina, whom we know as Padre Pio. A most beloved Capuchin Friar who received the stigmata and who was sought after as a confessor by thousands. I first heard of him in high school, reading a book on his life, which was truly fascinating. Padre Pio’s humility and deep devotion to our Lord radiated throughout his life and ministry. He is truly an inspiring example of discipleship, whose life exemplifies the words of our Scripture readings this weekend. In this difficult time of suffering, may we invoke his powerful intercession for reform and renewal and most of all for healing. We are blessed to have a Padre Pio pray

Resources and Thanks

Dear Friends, We continue to seek out avenues of help in processing the current crisis in our Church. Each person’s response is different and different resources are helpful to different persons. I have learned that Daylesford Abbey has available spiritual directors for individuals as well as Group Spiritual Companionship. These are available to anyone. You are invited to review their webpage and/or to email them at spiritualdirection@daylesford.org. The Augustine Institute recently sent an email with a link to two resources that they suggest those who are thinking of leaving the Church at this time would find helpful. They are short videos. But it is a long link: http://eucharist.


Dear Friends, I am writing this column on Labor Day, still recovering from a full-blown upper respiratory infection. Unfortunately, I had waited for a week before seeing the doctor. Thank goodness, the medicines are having a positive effect. This illness came on a critical weekend, however, when our priests were also covering Masses at other parishes with infirmed priests. I am grateful to Father Buck and Monsignor Murray for helping out on all these fronts. Thank you for your prayers and understanding. Last weekend, Father Buck at the Vigil Mass had the great blessing to receive into full communion, Paige Cornwell. Paige participated in our RCIA program and was extremely excited

Turn to Prayer

Dear Friends, I write the morning after leading our prayer vigil of reparation and petition. We gathered before Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament asking for His mercy upon His Church in this moment of profound crisis, anguish, pain and suffering. We prayed for reparation especially of the sins of bishops and priests, to petition for a restoration to holiness through purification, and for healing for all victims and their families. I thank everyone who joined us for this prayer vigil. Prayer is the primary way to accompany all reforms in the restoration of our Church. After the vigil, Saint Francis of Assisi came to my mind. He is one of my favorite Saints. Jesus called him literally,

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