Welcome to the Blog of Monsignor Michael T. McCulken, our Pastor. 
These posts are mainly comprised of weekly bulletin messages from Monsignor. 
God Bless You!

Preparing for Lent

Dear Friends, Next weekend, March 2-3, our parish and the Archdiocese will be participating in Safe Haven Sunday: Equipping the Family, Safeguarding Children. Once again, we include a letter insert in this weekend’s bulletin concerning this initiative. We all want the family home to be a safe haven in every way. However, the inappropriate use of technology can be a grave danger to the home as a safe haven as well as to the sanctity of marriage and family life. Pornography and other online threats are often just one click away. Parents can feel overwhelmed in trying to know how best to protect their children in a fast-paced digital world. Safe Haven Sunday is a bold step to help our famil

An Active Parish

Dear Friends, These days have been extremely filled. There is much happening around the parish. Father Buck offered a smashing successful evening of music, Q&A and conviviality at the Trappe Inn. It was packed, so much so that some of us never made it into the place. I was one of those caught in the circling of the parking lot and even the neighborhood looking for parking ~ to no avail. It was disappointing for sure. Fortunately, some folks had short cell phone videos that I was able to watch and catch a little bit of it. Quite a talent! Next time, we need a larger venue. Thank you, Father Buck, for sharing your gifts with everyone! Catholic Schools Week was most successful despite

Prayerful Consideration

Dear Friends, Hopefully you have received my letter sent to your home in which I invite you to prayerfully reflect on your charitable giving and to make a plan for 2019. You will find additional information in this bulletin under the title of Discipleship and Generosity. We know that God is generous beyond all imagining, totally self-giving. Everything we have comes from Him. Every day we have multiple opportunities, almost endless really, to share God’s love with others by generosity. It is not just about talent and time. Our finances are another part of our spiritual life, an integral part for those growing in gratitude, discipleship and love. You know that we, the parish family of Sa

Catholic Charities Appeal Begins

Dear Friends, This weekend includes the feast of Saint Blaise and we will bless throats at the end of all the Masses. Remember this weekend there is no 7 pm Mass. Next weekend, we will give a special blessing to all our married couples in anticipation of Valentine’s Day. This weekend is “Kick-off” Weekend for the annual Catholic Charities Appeal. The overall Appeal goal this year is $12.5 million. Our parish goal this year is $135,000. Last year, your generosity enabled our parish to raise $142,150. Can we go beyond what we raised last year? The cause is so worthy, the needs are so great and our generous love for God and all His children is so vital. Every gift, whether large or sma

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