Welcome to the Blog of Monsignor Michael T. McCulken, our Pastor. 
These posts are mainly comprised of weekly bulletin messages from Monsignor. 
God Bless You!

It's Here

Dear Friends, It’s here! It’s live! I am not talking about some bodily creature but rather the link to our parish wide survey called Disciple Maker Index. Every parishioner, age 18 or older, is invited to fill out this 10-15 minute survey on discipleship and on what avenues the parish can pursue to support discipleship among us and for our children and their children. We have endured a long period of isolation and disruption of ordinary life with the attendant stress that this pandemic has brought. But God is God! He walks with us through all of this. He cries with us. He suffers with us. He laughs with us. He leads us forward into the future. No one has a crystal ball concerning the future

Passionate Disciples

Dear Friends, A word about the statue of our Lady in the outdoor Stations grotto. Our Lady has been moved to safe keeping while a young parishioner, with the assistance of others, works on his Eagle Scout project of rebuilding the gazebo that protects our Lady outdoors. This is a rather large and impressive project for our young parishioner, especially since his ability to raise funds (part of the Eagle Scout protocols) is hampered by this pandemic. He is enthusiastic and confident. Anyone interested in supporting him, please call the parish office. This young parishioner and Scout is undaunted in his pursuit to accomplish this project and to rebuild this structure for our Lady as well as so

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