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NEW FAMILY Applicants for P.R.E.P. need to complete an  application for 2021-2022 program. ​Register here:



Once you have completed the Application, you will receive an  e-mail from Parish Giving to register and pay for Religious Education Classes.


RETURNING FAMILIES will receive an e-mail from Parish Giving directly to register and pay for Religious Education Classes. 

Level 7 Confirmation Preparation – for those who have completed level 6 and are preparing to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation in the fall of 2022. There is no tuition for this program which will run from late September 2021 through April 2022.

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Contact Laura Jusko at ljusko@steleanor.com with questions.

Program Overview

Our vocation as Catholic parents is to help our children get to heaven. Our parish is here to help you!


Religious education at Saint Eleanor will focus on faith formation for your whole family. The goal is for our children to learn about our great faith AND to make our homes places where we love and honor God, pray together, serve others, read the Bible and support each other in our joys and sufferings. Life is challenging and many of us carry heavy burdens. Our parish is here to support and strengthen you in your vocation to raise your children in the faith.


We will offer two programs for religious instruction which are detailed below. Both programs involve home-based instruction as well as opportunities to come together – virtually and/or in person – for lessons and parish devotions.

Program Options


Summer Intensive Program

6 weeks from June 21 – July 30, 2021

Levels 1 – 6

Level 7 Confirmation Preparation is NOT a summer option

This 6 week intensive program will cover the curriculum in a brief amount of time with the goal of inspiring families to continue living the faith throughout the year.

All instruction is primarily at home. Weekly virtual meetings will model and inspire instruction at home for the remainder of the week. Weekly calendars will guide and direct learning.

Fall Family Option

Late September 2021 – April 2022

Levels 1 – 6 and Level 7 (Confirmation Preparation)

All instruction is primarily at home. Several virtual or in person meeting throughout the year will model and inspiration instruction at home for the remainder of each month/unit. Monthly calendars will guide and direct learning.


Additional details for both programs:

  • Commitment to raising children in the faith, including regular Sunday Mass attendance

  • Flexible instruction schedule

  • Packets and textbooks can be picked up in PREP office on assigned dates prior to session

  • Zoom and google classroom utilized as needed

  • Group meetings (virtual or in person) to aid instruction. We hope to resume some in person group meetings as safety precautions allow

  • Required participation in 4 parish devotionals (adoration, rosary, divine mercy chaplet, etc) throughout the year – in person and virtual options

  • Required attendance at retreats and additional meetings for Level 2 and Level 7

Tuition and Fees for both programs:

1 child - $100

2 children - $150

3 children - $175

4 children - $200


No tuition for Level 7, Confirmation Preparation

Level 2 - $30 Sacrament fee to be collected with tuition