Ebb and Flow

Dear Friends,

This past Friday was the annual March for Life with its theme of Love Saves Lives. Monday, the anniversary date of the Roe v Wade decision, is dedicated as the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children as requested by our US Bishops. There are special Masses recommended for the day as well as the invitation for all of us to spend extra time in prayer. May God’s grace and His love working through us help change the hearts of everyone to respect the precious gift of life, from natural conception to natural death.

Last Monday evening, our Discovering Christ series began again. Every available opening was taken for it back in December. This seven part series includes dinner, a DVD presentation, and a small group faith sharing as well as a daylong retreat. It is quite an awesome experience and touches everyone deeply no matter where you are on your journey with the Lord Jesus. I am very pleased to see so much interest and enthusiasm for this series and for our Lord Jesus. I am most grateful to the dedicated core group of volunteers whose sacrifice and work allow this series to happen. We will be offering this series over and again, so keep on the lookout for information about it. There are some resources and links available through our website if you wish to learn more about it.

You know in the natural ebb and flow of life there are highs and lows, excitement and calm. It is a natural experience of being human. There are similar experiences spiritually in our relationship with the Lord. While the Lord’s portion or participation with us is always perfect and He is always present to us, we sometimes do not “feel” His closeness as we do at other times. That should not surprise us nor be a cause of concern. It is an invitation to continue journeying along the way in hope, trust and confidence.

The Lord never lets us go but He may “hide” on occasion. May we never tire of going to Him and searching for Him along the highways of life. He blesses abundantly all who search even in darkness. While we all enjoy, and prefer, the mountain top experiences, it is the climbing of the mountain that gets us to the peaks. Exercising faith means making the climb each day throughout life.

Just as Jesus called Simon and Andrew, James and John along the Sea of Galilee so many years ago, so He calls out to us to come after Him. Spend time with Jesus; enter in silence and solitude by putting aside all the distractions of life and the world. Listen carefully. As Jesus calls you, He will also send you to share His love with those around you.

God bless you, God love you, Monsignor McCulken

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