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Dear Friends,

As I write this, I am attending our annual priests workshop. Father Moriconi and Monsignor Murray went the week before. It’s focus is on

Marriage and Christian Family Life. The topic is most timely and vitally important. It flows from the World Meeting of Families and Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia. I know there will be much to share from these days in the months ahead.

The joy of living our lives, the joy of living married life and family in harmony with God’s commandments and the millennia long tradition of Church teaching is very awesome. After all, our teaching comes from God and from the very plan of God which He placed into creation itself. Living in harmony with God’s designs, brings fulfillment, hope and joy even as we come to recognize that true love, real love, authentic love involves a dying to our self and sacrificing love for the other.

On a somewhat different note but not totally unrelated, Archbishop Chaput wrote a very interesting article published in the journal, First Things, entitled “From the Heart of a Young Father.” You can read the full text at the following link

And finally, please pray for all priests and pray for those being called by God to become priests from our parish. There are many priestly vocations among our young men. We, each one of us, need to encourage them to listen to His call and to support them in their response. Priestly vocations don’t grow on trees. They grow within good, loving (and imperfect) Catholic families. When is the last time you asked a young man if he considered being a priest? Do it today.

God bless you, God love you,

Monsignor McCulken

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