Busy Times

This weekend is election weekend for our parish pastoral council. We have great nominees, as always! We ask that you prayerfully reflect on the nominees and vote for two (2) nominees only. Ballots may be found in the pews or at the doors of Church. Council members will be at the Church doors, at the end of Mass, to collect your completed ballot. As you are aware, the members of the pastoral council advise me concerning the mission, activities and needs of our parish family. I want to take a moment and express my deep felt gratitude for the beautiful celebration of Memorial Day here at our parish. Pete O’Connor and John Tate coordinated everyone’s participation both, at Holy Mass and the services afterward. I am grateful to all those who participated, our veterans, the local VFW Post, our Scouts, deacons, musicians, altar servers and sacristan as well as the many people who attended. It was a very special memorial, praying for our fallen heroes.

This weekend we welcome Anthony Albanese, who has finished two years of his seminary training. Anthony will be with us for the summer months and then return in the Fall for the school year on Thursdays. We are very happy to have him here with us and look forward to his participation in our parish family life.

The special gold envelopes have been with us for some time now. You know the ones that say Tabernacle and Sanctuary Restoration. I am profoundly grateful for all who have donated and continue to make donations. While the main work has been accomplished, the movement of the Tabernacle and marble tile for the Sanctuary, we still have the final aspect of work on the two back sacristies to finish up. We have on hand $31,920, which puts us in reach of accomplishing that work based on the original bid, which will need updating. You will find this gold envelope in your bi-monthly packet one more time. May I ask everyone to consider one final gift to help us complete this work. Again, I am deeply grateful.

Finally, the stairs down to Locust Street project has undergone multitudinous changes over all these many months ~ more than I care to remember. We now have in-hand an actual contractor drawing with measurements. We think it will turn out to be a vastly improved and a beautiful remodel to replace the dilapidated current structure. Thanks for your patience.

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