Parish On The Move!

Angela Lewis and Alice Ann Schiele were elected to the Pastoral Council last weekend. We are happy for their willingness to assist our parish family in this way. My gratitude to Barbara Curran and Mark Dylinski who willingly accepted the invitation to run for the Council. Each candidate on the ballot was outstanding. I am sure it was hard to make a choice. At this time, I also express gratitude and thanks to Sandy MacMurtrie and Kathleen Aaron for their six years of service on the Council, which is now ending.

At this time, I take the opportunity to offer congratulations to all our parish members who are graduating from any school and on every level. Graduation marks a milestone. While it involves an ending, it is also a beginning. May you stay close to Christ, our Shepherd and Lord, Who will guide and guard you throughout your lifetime. God bless you and your families.

A new venture is taking shape here at Saint Eleanor Parish. We are forming a Video (Digital) Ministry Team to help us communicate and keep everyone informed not only about parish happenings but also about the Gospel and Discipleship. One of our parish members, skilled in this area of expertise, will be offering some hands on training and assistance to all those who would like to be a part of this groundbreaking new Ministry for our parish family.

You do not need to be skilled already, just a passion for Christ and communicating His message to others through the digital world. There are plenty of types of work/responsibilities that need filling ~ from planning, to production, to recording, to scripting, to editing. Many of these can be done from home or your own location. Some will need to be done here on campus. Consider coming to an orientation meeting (day and time to be announced) to learn more and to meet others who are interested. Contact Janet Genuardi at the parish office, 610-489-1647 or Thanks! We are very excited to begin this new ministry and to enhance our website and communication efforts.

Once again, please mark your calendars and join us at the 12 Noon Mass for Father Moriconi’s farewell. After the Mass, light refreshments will be available in the narthex as you greet Father and share some fond memories.

Finally, a reminder from last week’s column that those special gold envelopes for the Tabernacle and Sanctuary Restoration are going away. In the present pack of envelopes, which you have received or will receive shortly, you will find the last gold envelope, which I hope you will consider using for a final gift to this project. The concluding phase of this effort is to enlarge and refurbish the two working Sacristies behind the main Altar. Although hidden from sight, they are essential for all that takes place in Church. Thank you for such wonderful support and generosity to this endeavor!

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