Summer news

Dear Friends,

As the end of summer draws near, we offer best wishes to Anthony Albanese, our Seminarian, as this is his last weekend with us for the summer. He will return this Fall on Thursdays for the academic year. We are very grateful for his presence with us, and his work among us. His kind and gentle disposition and willingness to be involved with our parish family is a blessing indeed. We look forward to his return, his continuing presence and assistance in the coming year. Pray for him and all our Seminarians as they continue their formation and study for the priesthood.

Pray also for vocations to the priesthood. The need for young men of courage, conviction, integrity, with zeal for Christ and His people is greater than ever. Many of you may know Nick Tonnesen, School Minister at PJP this past year; he was accepted into Saint Charles Seminary for this Fall. He is a member of Sacred Heart Parish, Royersford and will be the third young man from his parish in the Seminary. I know there are several young men in our parish family being called by God. May we assist them with our support and prayers!

When I got back from some vacation time, I found out that the railings were not yet installed on our new steps. We have now been told that the installation will be accomplished this coming week. In the meantime, our staff has been working on re-landscaping the area. Additional soil needed to be brought in as well as grass seed. Thanks for your patience on this project.

The replaced concrete pad with the additional new concrete pad near the dumpsters is looking very good. This is a huge improvement, which will accommodate the heavy trash trucks that go in and out of that location. We have signed contracts for the back parking lot drainage improvements as well as for the re-sealing, crack fill-in and line painting on all our parking lots. We are awaiting a confirmation for the start date. These are very costly and yet necessary expenditures for the good maintenance and upkeep of our beautiful campus.

The new LED light fixtures in two hallways of the school (old side) are about 95% installed and already what a tremendous difference they are making. The amount of additional lighting with reduced energy costs is impressive and was very much needed. Several classrooms are being painted along with the hallway ceilings. Our Seminarian, Anthony, has been helping out by painting the outside railings near school and around the campus. We are also repairing by replacement the old pneumatic air conditioning system for the gym, main office and lobby area of the school. This too is a large project, necessitated by failure of several parts of the old system. This project will bring this area of the school’s HVAC system into conformity with the rest of the school’s systems.

Thank you again for your continued generosity and support of our parish to help meet the many needs and challenges we face on our beautiful parish campus. As you know from your own experience, there is always something needing attention.

God bless you, God love you,

Monsignor McCulken

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