Resources and Thanks

Dear Friends,

We continue to seek out avenues of help in processing the current crisis in our Church. Each person’s response is different and different resources are helpful to different persons. I have learned that Daylesford Abbey has available

spiritual directors for individuals as well as Group Spiritual Companionship. These are available to anyone. You are invited to review their webpage and/or to email them at

The Augustine Institute recently sent an email with a link to two resources that they suggest those who are thinking of leaving the Church at this time would find helpful. They are short videos. But it is a long link: .

There are additional resources about the central and core dogmas of our Faith available on FORMED. Information on accessing the parish account for this valuable resource is listed elsewhere in the bulletin.

Archbishop Chaput, along with several other Bishops, have called for a meeting of the Bishops, a Synod, specifically on this crisis. In fact, Archbishop Chaput wrote the Holy Father to cancel the presently scheduled Synod in favor of addressing this topic now. The president of the US Bishops Conference, Cardinal DiNardo, has spoken directly about steps to be taken as soon as possible, renewing the commitment for greater effectiveness and transparency in disciplining Bishops. His remarks can be found at:

May these efforts and our prayers lead to reform and renewal throughout the Church. Our parish Forty Hours, this past week, was a moment of prayer together. Father Moriconi led us through inspiring words to focus on the central mystery of our Faith ~ the Cross of Jesus Christ and the means to embrace Jesus by overcoming the distraction of noise in our world and entering into the beauty of silence in the presence of the Lord. It was good to have Father Moriconi with us for these devotions. My gratitude to Father Buck, our musicians, Elizabeth Calabro, our Altar Servers, our Deacons, our Hospitality Ministry, our Church cleaners and parish staff for all their efforts to make the devotions so beautiful and inspiring for our parish family.

God bless you, God love you,

Monsignor McCulken

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