Rosary Reflection

Dear Friends,

We find ourselves at the end of September this weekend, having gone through what must be one of the most “water-logged” Septembers in memory. If this keeps up, we might have to be cutting lawns in December…

The month of October is dedicated, of course, to our Lady of the Rosary whose feast is celebrated October 7, a Sunday this year. Throughout this month, and hopefully throughout the entire year, we take the time to recite the rosary daily either privately or with others.

The rosary is a strong and powerful devotion invoking the assistance of our spiritual Mother so that we may remain rooted in Jesus Christ and be His passionate disciples. The rosary involves us in both vocal and mental prayer. As we recite the Hail Marys, Our Fathers, and Glory be’s, our minds are free to contemplate each of the mysteries, which highlight an aspect of our Faith.

Our Junior Legion of Mary has been making countless numbers of rosaries to distribute to others for their personal use. I am grateful to them for their zeal and their dedication in doing this and for the other works they do as members of the Legion. We often have rosaries available near the entrance to Chapel. Feel free to take one for your personal use. Most holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God, pray for us!

Many parishioners have noted appreciatively the new Altar candlesticks in our Sanctuary. We began using them at Forty Hours. I am most grateful to our thoughtful and generous parishioners who have donated them. We also received donations for new altar server processional torches, a thurible, 2 chasubles (Green and Rose) for Mass and a new funeral pall and chasuble for the celebration of Funeral Masses for our beloved dead. May these items used in our worship of God assist us to lift up our hearts, minds and souls in right worship of God and to bring the gifts of God from our worship to our brothers and sisters.

Our priests will be attending the annual half-day Fall Workshop this week at Saint Helena Parish, Blue Bell. It is an opportunity for prayer and education together. Next Spring, will be the biannual Priest Convocation in Hershey which is a multi-day event for extended prayer and education with the Archbishop. Please keep all our priests in your kind prayers.

God bless you, God love you,

Monsignor McCulken

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