Catholic Charities Appeal Begins

Dear Friends,

This weekend includes the feast of Saint Blaise and we will bless throats at the end of all the Masses. Remember this weekend there is no 7 pm Mass. Next weekend, we will give a special blessing to all our married couples in anticipation of Valentine’s Day.

This weekend is “Kick-off” Weekend for the annual Catholic Charities Appeal. The overall Appeal goal this year is $12.5 million. Our parish goal this year is $135,000. Last year, your generosity enabled our parish to raise $142,150. Can we go beyond what we raised last year? The cause is so worthy, the needs are so great and our generous love for God and all His children is so vital. Every gift, whether large or small, is critical and important. Every gift is a blessing that benefits someone in need here in our local area. It is help that is going to our hometown people. As we work together to raise these funds, all of us won’t just be “achieving a goal,” but rather, we will be working together to make sure that necessary assistance and help is given to our brothers and sisters on behalf of Jesus Christ.

For over 60 years the Catholic Charities Appeal has been Giving Hope to All. The works that it supports are always new, always necessary, always appreciated. Catholic Charities helps literally hundreds of thousands of people through a wide range of ministries and programs.

In our bulletin and on our website in the weeks ahead, we will highlight those who do benefit. The Charities Appeal video will be playing on one of the monitors in the narthex (near Chapel) and you can link to that video through our website. Take a few minutes to learn about all that the Catholic Charities dollars support here at home. So much of what Catholic Charities does, just isn’t being done by anyone else.

Regarding the “how to” ~ envelopes and pledge cards were sent to your homes by Catholic Charities. You can mail your contribution in directly or place it into the collection basket. You can also go online to donate electronically at Be sure to include our parish name in the appropriate box.

Thank you for your generous and thoughtful gifts to Catholic Charities in the past, and if you have given already this year for your donation in 2019. Please prayerfully consider whatever amount you are able to give cheerfully to help those in need and to make visible the holiness that is yours as a temple of God. Together, we will continue Giving Hope to All.

God bless you, God love you,

Monsignor McCulken

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