Lent is underway

We have come to the first Sunday of Lent. It is a rather late start this year, often on this date we are several weeks into our Lenten journey. We have available at the Church entrances free copies of the Word Among Us and the “Little Black Book.” Both are resources for utilizing Sacred Scripture daily throughout the holy season of Lent. Elsewhere in our bulletin, you will find a listing of some online or email options to help you journey through this Lent.

We also have some copies of Covenant Eyes’ book, Equipping the Family; Safeguarding Children. This is the free resource which we distributed last weekend as part of Safe Haven Sunday. If you were away last weekend, or unable to attend due to the weather, please be sure to pick up your copy today. We hope that adults and families will find it valuable in identifying ways to protect themselves and their children from inappropriate material and websites that so easily can find their way onto the computers and mobile devices that we use daily.

Our Discovering Christ series ended last Monday evening with its seventh session. It was a wonderful and uplifting experience for many of our people. I am so grateful that the ChristLife series is happening in our parish. The next series, Following Christ, will begin on April 1.

A “for your information update” ~ The locking mechanism on our Tabernacle may need some repair. The key broke inside the lock and has been removed but we are checking to see if the mechanical and moving parts are in need of adjustment. We hope to return it quickly to its place of honor.

Back to Lent! We hear this weekend about Jesus in the desert for forty days and the temptations He endured. These temptations are uniquely crafted to trip Jesus up, to keep Him from fulfilling His Father’s will and plan. This Scripture makes it plain that if the devil went after Jesus, He goes after us as well. It reveals that we are in a battle, a struggle. The devil has not yet given up even though he has been conquered. This Scripture also reveals to us how to combat the devil. Jesus shows us the tools to use; and, His total obedience to the point of His death and resurrection gives us access to God’s grace to help us share in the victory as well.

Whatever we undertake during this Lenten journey ~ extra prayer, daily Mass, abstinences, fasts, adoration, Stations, Confession, almsgiving ~ it is all directed to consciously surrendering ourselves to the graces of God, to the presence of God, to the Will of God so that we indeed become all that God has created us to be.

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