Jesus Reveals the Father

Dear Friends,

While praying with a small group of folks, after listening to this weekend’s Gospel, we shared about the meaning of Jesus’ parable. His basic message is rather blunt and obvious, even if we struggle ourselves with living up to the significance of His words. But the question came up about those somewhat off-putting words at the beginning when Jesus says, “Friend, who appointed me as your judge and arbitrator?” What do we make of those words of the Lord? They give one pause for sure.

Perhaps we are to understand them this way. Jesus came to reveal the Father. All that Jesus said and did, was what the Father said and did. Jesus and the Father are One. Jesus realizes that the questioner is coming from the level of this world and is asking about the things of this world.

Jesus came to reveal the things of the next world, to lead us to the Father. He came to help us put things into right order. He is not here arbitrating about the things that belong to this world and which will eventually all pass away. He is here revealing the fulness of God breaking through into this world, helping us to transcend the attachments to passing things and to embrace the things of eternity here and now.

This is the challenge we all face ~ is God first and primary in our lives? If not, we will be caught up into those things that are passing away. Let us cling to Jesus, who is risen and who will lead us to the Father in heaven, helping us to make proper use of the things in this world along the way.

All of us are appalled by the assaults on human life that dominated the headlines over the past many months. It is not just individuals but state legislatures that are undermining our society and our humanity. Think of New York, Illinois, Nevada, Rhode Island passing radical legislation basically supporting full-term abortions for almost any reason. At the same time, thirteen (13) states have passed in 2019 more restrictive abortion laws, limiting abortions. Of course, all of this continues to roil in the court systems of the country. Roe v. Wade continues to affect all of us most profoundly. It has settled nothing for it goes against natural law.

We must never grow weary of sharing the truth and the light of the Gospel of Life respectfully, in promoting the gift of human life, of helping those in danger, in working to end abortion and converting the hearts of our fellow countrymen. While the struggle will intensify, our resolve remains steadfast, living and sharing the Gospel of Jesus with everyone and helping everyone in need, acknowledging God is Lord and the judge of all.

God bless you, God love you,

Monsignor McCulken

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