A New Year is Underway!

Dear Friends,

This weekend finds us welcoming Monsignor Daniel Kutys, Moderator of the Curia for our Archdiocese. He visits us on Saturday, January 11 on behalf of our Archbishop. These visits are routine visits that help keep the Archbishop up to date on the parishes of our Archdiocese. He is here only for the one day. We are grateful for his interest and time with us.

As part of our ongoing efforts to envision our future and to meet the challenges of parish life at this moment in history, we are joining with Catholic Leadership Institute (CLI) to participate in their initiative called The Next Generation Catholic Parish. This initiative will offer data gathering and information, survey measurement, leadership training and support, planning and discipleship formation to the parishes involved over a multi-year time frame. I believe there are about 16 parishes in our Archdiocese who will be participating. It is something that they (CLI) are coordinating in several other dioceses as well. We believe this fits in directly with our involvement with the Amazing Parish efforts.

A workshop/orientation for the pastors involved takes place this month. Following this, there will be a period for data gathering, surveying of parishioners and assessment before actual envisioning and planning commences. Catholic Leadership Institute will provide resources and personnel to assist the parish throughout these various stages. We look forward to our participation in this initiative as a vital means to help us in our ongoing discipleship efforts. Look for ongoing updates and thank you in advance for your participation.

Last March, we participated in the Archdiocesan initiative Safe Haven Sunday: Equipping Families ~ Safeguarding Children. We distributed free copies of Covenant Eyes’ materials to help alert and keep families safe from the online threats which harm the human person, marriage and family life.

One of the biggest issues destroying the happiness of men and tearing apart marriages and families is the silent epidemic of pornography. There is a powerful solution available developed by Matt Fradd called STRIVE which is an anonymous 21-day challenge that men around the world are taking to break free. It is online and being offered for free for a limited time for men ages 18 and over at: STRIVE21.com. Business cards with information about this are available in the narthex.

With the celebration this weekend of the Baptism of the Lord, the Christmas season comes to an end and Ordinary Time begins again. Of course, it is anything but ordinary as we enter into the work of redemption which Jesus continues to offer us day by day. May we keep our eyes fixed on Him, seeking His graces and strength to surrender our wills to the Will of the Father in all things.

God bless you, God love you,

Monsignor McCulken

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