Never Alone

Dear Friends,

Last Saturday, we hosted Monsignor Kutys on a canonical visit. Church Law requires the (Arch)Bishop to visit the parishes on a regular basis. However, when the diocese is very large then others are delegated to make the visits. It is an opportunity to see how things are going, what is happening locally in the parish community and the opportunity for the local community to ask questions of someone from the Archdiocese. Monsignor Kutys explained all this to both Councils (Pastoral and Finance) and at the Vigil Mass. He met with parishioners after the Mass. It was an enjoyable visit.

One question, from a member of our Pastoral Council, which seems to be on the minds of many ~ who will be the new Archbishop, now that Archbishop Chaput is retiring. Monsignor Kutys replied that at the moment only the Holy Spirit knows that answer. He did go on to explain in some detail the process of consultation that goes on locally and regionally as well as among the Bishops. The results of these consultations are summarized by the Papal Nuncio who then sends the results to the Congregation for Bishops in Rome. After their review, a resulting list of three candidates is sent to Pope Francis for his review and final decision. It is a long process. Let us pray for Archbishop Chaput, for all those involved in the process of appointment and for the new Archbishop, whoever he will be.

Our Confirmation preparation program is moving along nicely. It is a new endeavor and a new approach. It involves all those preparing for Confirmation in Fall 2020, whatever school they may be attending. Every family including those attending Holy Cross Regional Catholic, home schooled and private Catholic schools must register with our PREP office in order to receive the vital information about preparation events and requirements for the Sacrament.

A recurring question is do we have a date for Confirmation yet. We do not. Confirmation is usually administered by one of the Bishops in our Archdiocese who decide among themselves which Bishop will visit which parish. They try to rotate their visits yearly. Once that is decided, the individual Bishop then proceeds to set a date with the local parish. We are told that for Fall 2020 this will probably be taking place sometime in April or May. Once we know, we will be sure to share the information with our parish family.

Once again in our readings we meet Isaiah and John the Baptist! Our Scriptures will have us accompanying Jesus in His public ministry. The revelation that God is doing something new, that God has become Man, that the Savior will redeem us by the shedding of His Blood on the Cross and rise again will help us focus on our response to this all loving and merciful God. God makes us divine by dwelling within us through His Sacraments by grace. We are never alone. We are in intimate communion with Him who loves us beyond all human understanding. May His grace and His love transform us and through us this fragile world.

God bless you, God love you,

Monsignor McCulken

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