Road to Emmaus

Dear Friends,

Our Gospel this weekend is the Lucan Resurrection story ~ the Road to Emmaus ~ that’s not the one here in Pennsylvania but in the Holy Land not far from Jerusalem. It’s a great story and one of my favorites. It seems to me that Jesus was very busy that first Easter Sunday. Two very dejected disciples are leaving Jerusalem, which in Luke means leaving the Church. They are discussing everything that happened. I once heard a priest preach that this means they were arguing together. Not sure now why he said that but in human relations we do that at times, especially when things are important to us and we are a bit confused. The two don’t recognize Jesus who comes up to them.

Notice Jesus’ behavior and approach. He seeks them out, walks with them, asks them questions, listens as they tell their story, then gently but persuasively explains God’s plan from Sacred Scripture to them. That’s how Jesus is with you and me. He comes searching for us continuously, listens to us, and when we give Him our attention fills us with His wisdom, insight and heavenly light that leads us along the right path.

Where are we now? What path are we following? Are we turning towards and opening ourselves up to Jesus in the midst of this most uncertain of times? After all, Jesus is THE One, the ONLY One, the One who is Messiah, Lord, Savior! He was put to death for our sins, but He rose again as Victor and Conqueror of sin and death. Through Him we have hope to rise with Him.

When did the two recognize Jesus? In the breaking of the bread, a clear reference to the Eucharist and Last Supper! Jesus vanishes from them, but they return to Jerusalem, to the Church and find out that Jesus has appeared to Simon Peter, the leader of the community of followers. The two then recount their experience of Jesus on the way.

While we are still unable to celebrate public Masses and you are not able to receive Holy Communion, we will continue to make available through our social media the celebration of Holy Mass and the opportunity to make Spiritual Communions with our Lord.

Do not doubt that Jesus is seeking you right now. Do not disbelieve that He is walking with you. Do not hesitate to tell Him everything on your mind, in your heart ~ He knows it all but wants you to share it with Him. He loves listening to you. And then in your Spiritual Communion and in your personal prayer times, you listen to Jesus for He will tell you God’s plans, God’s desires, God’s dreams for you and for our world. Jesus will set your hearts on fire!

God bless you, God love you,

Monsignor McCulken

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