Always By Our Side

Dear Friends,

This year sees a transition into a new decade of age for me. It is exciting and a bit intimidating. I know that many of you have experienced such thoughts as well as you have gone from one decade to another. Each decade is unique, is it not? Life is so interesting, challenging and blessed by our loving Father, our Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Let us give thanks and praise to God and may we continue as disciples walking together in faith, hope and love. You are all in my prayers, please keep me in yours.

Last Sunday was rather interesting regarding the electrical power to our area. Unfortunately, there was an accident for which I have no details but which affected power to about 1,500 customers including Church. The lights went off, came back on, went off again and then came back partially for the 7:30 Mass. The temperature in Church remained stable. It was around 10:35 at the beginning of the distribution of Holy Communion that the full power was restored. Just in time as the temperature was beginning to rise inside and we had the 12 Noon Mass and two separate Baptisms in the afternoon. We lift up anyone involved with the accident for healing and wellbeing and give thanks to God for the work of those who restored power to all.

In our readings this weekend, we hear God invite King Solomon, David’s son, to ask for a gift from God. Solomon asks for “an understanding heart.” God is pleased with this request and indeed gave Solomon great wisdom. He was sought out by many even from beyond the borders of Israel. In our Gospel, Jesus describes the Kingdom of God as: a treasure buried in the field, a pearl of great price, a net thrown into the sea that collects everything which is then sorted out.

Those who seek an understanding heart and who come to Jesus are the ones who discover that Jesus is Savior. In and through Jesus, we have life, forgiveness, healing, restoration and access to the throne of God’s mercy and love. Everything else and everyone else must be secondary in our lives to Jesus in order for lives to be in right relationship and right harmony.

Jesus leads us along a sure and certain path because He is always by our side, always offering His love and grace to assist us, to strengthen us and to transform us. With Jesus all things are possible.

Finally, Padre Pio’s advice rings so true for all of us at this moment in time, may we heed it in God’s peace ~ “Pray, hope, and don’t worry!” And so, we pray fervently, Jesus, I trust in You! Father, I trust in You!

God bless you, God love you,

Monsignor McCulken

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