Catholic Masculinity

Dear Friends,

I just began reading the Apostolic Exhortation, Into the Breach, by Bishop Thomas Olmsted, Diocese of Phoenix, AZ. It was published in 2015 and I have heard many very positive comments about it. I recently purchased a copy of a Manual for Men from Tan Books which includes the exhortation as well as other resources from the teachings of the Church, writings of the saints and prayers for men. Although I literally just started reading the exhortation, it is an impressive writing and a call to action for all Catholic men.

Additionally, I became aware of and began looking into the efforts of the Knights of Columbus who have produced a video series based on Bishop Olmsted’s Into the Breach. The videos are professionally produced and short, about 12 minutes. They are meant to lead into small group discussions about authentic Catholic masculinity.

How much our modern culture misunderstands and is confused about what it means to be a man. Our society and media are filled with so many mixed messages and even assaults on true masculinity. The truth, as Into the Breach points out, is that men are made for greatness, for truly heroic virtuous living. Catholic masculinity is marked by goodness, truth, strength, courage and the imitation of Christ.

For a long time now, I have had on my heart a desire to offer the men of our parish family an opportunity to meet with me and to plunge together into a deeper conversation, sharing and walking with Christ. Some of my hesitancy involved logistics ~ how to set up an agenda, what topics to cover, when and where to meet, etc.

Now with this reading that I am doing and these available tools, and conscious of the ongoing and debilitating battle that we experience living in the world, I am offering to our men the challenge to enter Into the Breach. Our topics will help every man grow in authentic Catholic masculinity and in our relationship with Christ. We will read the exhortation by Bishop Olmsted and use the 12 videos and discussion guidelines provided by the Knights. The topics are: Masculinity, Brotherhood, Leadership, Fatherhood, Family, Life, Prayer, Suffering, Sacramental Life, Spiritual Warfare, Evangelization, and The Cornerstone.

My dear brothers, if you are interested in engaging the battle and joining this endeavor to be men who sacrifice, pray, fight, love, and live by the example of Jesus Christ, please email me at as soon as possible.

God bless you, God love you,

Monsignor McCulken

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