Move Forward in His Light

Dear Friends,

Happy Labor Day weekend! As the Summer season winds down, we look forward to the opening of a new school year in these unprecedented times. Holy Cross Regional Catholic has been preparing diligently, putting into place the protocols and new practices which the Archdiocese has provided to help navigate these current circumstances. Our Facilities Company is not only cleaning school but implementing additional sanitizing practices for the coming year to do what is possible in helping to keep everyone safe.

Most of our students will be in-person but the school has additional technology for live streaming to help those who will be attending virtually. We pray that all these efforts will allow our young people to learn and grow into passionate disciples of Jesus Christ, helping to make a difference in our world.

A great big and heartfelt THANK YOU to our Ambassadors who weekly make it possible for our public celebrations of Holy Mass. They not only assist our parish family to navigate around Church but ensure the Church space is sanitized before the next Mass. Their ministry is vitally necessary for all of us.

We are so happy to see so many of our parish family present for Holy Mass and so happy for all those who are watching via our live stream efforts. While we cannot yet return to how things were before the pandemic, we are nevertheless worshipping and praising God together, being nourished either in-person or spiritually by the Body and Blood of Christ, our Savior. We are monitoring the numbers attending our Masses and will adjust as we need to.

Everything still is so fluid these days. We continue to watch and evaluate and discuss what and how we do things. We are looking for opportunities to reach out, connect and help our parish family in the present circumstances. In this month, we are celebrating five First Holy Communion Masses for our young ones as well as celebrating several private family First Communions. Under the current restrictions with social distancing, we can only host so many families at a time and conscious of varied health needs and concerns, we are striving to assist each family.

Bishop Fitzgerald will be here on Saturday, October 3 to celebrate two Masses for Confirmation. I am delegated to confirm and will celebrate two additional Masses for Confirmation the following week for our young people. While all these Sacrament celebrations are restricted in the numbers who can attend personally, we are able to live stream each one so that extended family members can participate from home as well.

God is with us! He is seeing us through this! We ask for the grace of perseverance, charity, and joy as we move forward in His light!

God bless you, God love you,

Monsignor McCulken

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