All Saints

Dear Friends,

November 1 is the solemn feast of All Saints. We celebrate that great multitude of those who have gone before us into the presence of God. Today’s feast is not simply about those who have been recognized as Saints by the Church but about each and every person saved and redeemed by Jesus Christ and brought into His Father’s House through His death and resurrection.

From the heavenly heights, where they are with God, they encourage and support us on our journey through this world. Their earthly lives of faith offer us examples of discipleship to help us persevere in what Saint Paul calls the race, life in this world, lived in, with and through Jesus Christ. May we see and know the intercession of all the Saints in these difficult and vexing moments we are living.

Next Sunday, November 8, at the 12 Noon Mass, we will remember all our beloved deceased, most especially those who have died this past year. During the whole month of November, we pray for the Holy Souls in a special way. May the resurrection of Christ strengthen our hope and our trust.

We continue praying for our country and our world, for we are surely in great need. The list is long and troubling. I read a thoughtful and insightful reflection from Mother Agnes Mary, Sisters of Life, in the Fall issue of their publication, Imprint. She writes, “One of the first sounds a baby hears as he grows in his mother’s womb is the constant beating of her heart. This steady cadence communicates security and love to the child, and even after birth, becomes a source of comfort for a little one in distress. …Why would God desire us to rest in our mother’s heartbeat? Perhaps He wanted to prepare us to understand a deeper reality – that the heart of God is our ultimate rest, our surest peace.”

“Jesus’ human heart is beating in heaven, right now for you. …You belong to a Great love, an Eternal Love. And this Love took on a human heart, so that your human heart could abide in His.”

“…So, let us come to rest in the Love that awaits us, and even now surrounds us at every moment, whispering to our souls the promises of heaven. If we find ourselves discouraged during this difficult time in our nation and our world, let us learn from St. John, the beloved disciple, to lean our heads and our hearts against the heart of Jesus and remember that the God who loves us is with us always.” Thank you, Mother Agnes Mary!

Finally, in this month, we also remember all the blessings and abundant gifts God has given to us. Our national day of Thanksgiving (November 26) calls all of us together, even if we must socially distance, to offer thanks, praise, and gratitude for the bounty of God’s generous graces and blessings. May Thanksgiving Day find us all consciously expressing our gratitude to our Almighty Father, knowing “that the God who loves us is with us always.”

God bless you, God love you,

Monsignor McCulken

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