Catching Up

Dear Friends,

Here we are at the Third Sunday of Lent with just three more weeks until Palm Sunday! I hope and pray that you are making use of our additional social media efforts and other Lenten initiatives this Lent. Although, we are not yet fully back to being able to gather as we did before, there is so much on the various Internet platforms to assist us in our spiritual journey through this Lent. Remember, Lent is about activity, intentional activity, in the areas of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. The intentionality is meant to help us focus our consciousness on Jesus and His redeeming Sacrifice for us, so that we can receive the fulness of His grace. Our Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter this year will certainly be more normal than last.

Last weekend, we announced that our Director of Religious Education, Ms. Teri Lahey, has retired from Saint Eleanor. Teri shared with me that she loved her time here and loved our families, but it was time for her to make an adjustment in her life. Teri is a woman of great faith and prayer, an indefatigable worker, extremely organized, having the heart of a disciple as she navigated our PREP program through varied adjustments and then COVID. We will certainly miss her and wish her every success. Teri will continue to assist us as we go through the celebrations of First Penance (this past week) and First Holy Communion in May. We are actively seeking a new Director and have several applicants. We are starting an interview process and hope that some more candidates will emerge for this vitally important position within our parish family. Keep this intention in your prayers.

For those who are coming in person to Church at this time, you may have noticed the condition of the parking lots both in front of Church and between Church and School. They have deteriorated beyond patching. I am told that the main lot was put in when the school moved over from Main Street, about 29 years ago. That’s a pretty good run. At that rate, I should be retired before the next replacement needs to be considered…

Despite regular maintenance, the general freeze/thaw cycles of winter have finally taken its toll. We will need to replace the macadam this summer. We have registered this work with the Archdiocese who will assist us in reviewing the project and giving final approval.

As you can imagine, this an extremely big-ticket item and one which we cannot handle within our ordinary income, especially during the pandemic. The Finance Council asks that we raise the money to pay for this project as it is an extraordinary capital expense. We will be reaching out to you all and hope that you will contribute to this special need even in the midst of the pandemic.

God bless you, God love you,

Monsignor McCulken

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