Do Not Grow Weary

Dear Friends,

This past Tuesday (a day later than planned due to the monster rainstorm), we celebrated the blessing and lighting of a Christmas tree. We chose one behind the Church to allow for folks to stay in their cars and to provide more area for social distancing. We still decorated the tree out front as in past years and added up lighting on a number of our trees. I do hope you will drive by some evening and take it all in.

In these dark wintry days of December with its longer nights, and conscious of the darkness that accompanies us due to the pandemic, we disciples courageously give praise to God and enlighten our surroundings to give honor to the true light of the world, Jesus Christ, our Savior. Jesus has rescued us from darkness, from sin and from death. We move forward then, anticipating His return, when He will lead us into the glory of His Father in heaven.

These days of Advent remind us that our home is not here, our home is heaven. We dare not give into our enemy, the prince of lies, who tempts us with fear, worry, anxiety, discouragement, doubt. Rather, we live with expectant hope, trusting in the mercy of our God and laying hold of the power of redemption which comes to us from the Blood of our Savior. We are victors not by our personal efforts but by our living in, with and through Christ.

It is only human to grow weary, to ask questions, to wonder. But let us persevere in Faith, helping and supporting one another in charity and in hope. There is much in life that is not under our control, but everything is subject to the almighty Father, who loves us beyond all human understanding. In these days in particularly let the Christmas lights shining so brightly, lift up our minds and hearts to Jesus, the Christ, born in Bethlehem, who suffered, died, rose and sits at God’s right hand interceding for us always.

I pray that you have already enshrined your Nativity set, your Creche, in a prominent place in your home. Go to it often and pray, pondering on a love so tender and caring that God became Flesh and Blood. Realize that you are loved, you are precious, you belong not to yourself but to God! And know that He, God, is with us. Emmanuel! Come, Lord Jesus! Come!

God bless you, God love you,

Monsignor McCulken

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