Passionate Disciples

Dear Friends,

A word about the statue of our Lady in the outdoor Stations grotto. Our Lady has been moved to safe keeping while a young parishioner, with the assistance of others, works on his Eagle Scout project of rebuilding the gazebo that protects our Lady outdoors. This is a rather large and impressive project for our young parishioner, especially since his ability to raise funds (part of the Eagle Scout protocols) is hampered by this pandemic. He is enthusiastic and confident. Anyone interested in supporting him, please call the parish office.

This young parishioner and Scout is undaunted in his pursuit to accomplish this project and to rebuild this structure for our Lady as well as some landscaping. We are very grateful for his interests and efforts and are confidant in the results. You will remember that a few years back another young parishioner for his Eagle Scout project refurbished all the Stations of the Cross outdoors. This present project will bring completion and beauty to this outdoor area for prayer and reflection.

We offer congratulations to all those confirmed over the course of four Masses of Confirmation as well as some private celebrations. In this difficult time, it is truly a grace to witness the outpouring of the Holy Spirit onto members of our parish family. We pray for all of them and for all our parish family as we continue to navigate through these times. God is with us and He does not withhold His graces nor His blessings from all those who seek Him.

This weekend we welcome Lucille Smith from Catholic Leadership Institute for an onsite visit to our parish as part of our preparation for the Next Generation Catholic Parish Initiative. I have been writing about this for some time and are excited to begin this process. Lucille and Jim Luisi are two consultants helping us. They will be gathering information about our parish that will also be instrumental in understanding the data collected from the parish wide survey, Disciple Maker Index.

We need your help! The Disciple Maker Index is a 10-15 minute survey online, paper copies available. Each and every person, age 18 and older, is invited to complete their own survey. Access to the survey is at beginning this coming Saturday October 17 through November 16. The survey asks you to reflect on your own spiritual growth and will enable you to provide feedback on our parish efforts to help you grow in discipleship. All responses are confidential and the parish will only receive information about the community as a whole, an aggregate report, not individual responses. Printed copies of the survey for your use will be available in the narthex and at the parish office. Return them either in the collection or directly to the parish office by November 17.

The statistics of what is happening regarding the practice of the Faith is startling. We all know there are great needs. As I have shared before, to maintain the status quo is to fall behind and to fail in discipleship ~ to fail in fulfilling the Great Commission. We are taking these steps to look at and to vision how we can become more passionately disciples who pass the gift of Faith and discipleship onto our children and their children.

God bless you, God love you,

Monsignor McCulken

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